Proposal to Charles Fitzsimmons

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The Bucks Pool League would like to offer Charles Fitzsimmons $1,800.00 in addition to per session league operator compensation detailed below.
This $1,800.00 up front payment is for 9 8 Ball teams ($100 per team), 7 10 ball teams ($100 per team), and 5 scotch doubles teams ($40 per team).

Charles Fitzsimmons will remain the league operator with full control over inputting scores and adjusting handicaps for these divisions. ALL player registration dues will go directly to Charles Fitzsimmons in the amount of $5 per player, per team. Based on the 16 teams and 5 scotch doubles the MINIMUM Charles Fitzsimmons will earn is $690 EACH SESSION in addition to the initial $1800.00 as noted above.

This is considered to be MINIMUM because BPL will promote and add teams to these divisions. This coming session which starts in mid/late January we are fairly confident we can get each of your divisions up to 12 teams. In that case the league operator compensation would be $1,140.00 PER SESSION.

BPL is now BCA sanctioned. Our players will be sanctioned and BCA dues will be paid by BPL ($15 per player per year). Winners of EACH SESSION in 8 ball teams, 9 ball teams, and singles overall will be able to compete at the BCAPL nationals held at the Rio in Las Vegas OR have the option to take the cash value of that all expense paid trip.

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League Operators will be able to sell BPL apparel ranging from shirts, hats, pool sticks (coming soon), gloves, etc. and earn a percentage of those sales as well.

Tom Amerman will provide full training and the first session I will work hand in hand with you. You will have a personal log in to the website, I’ll show you how to create a schedule, enter in your rosters, enter the scores, print the paper work, raise/lower handicaps, etc. I know you like the scoring and handicap algorithm that Napa has to offer. I understand 100% what that algorithm is and that is something I can implement in BPL. The beauty about the BPL is we are not tied to an organization and have full control over every aspect. I built the BPL site from scratch and the scoring apps as well. Whatever your concerns are we are flexible and whatever you feel is important we can work on implementing those changes. BPL is growing fast and we’re growing by creating opportunities for the movers and shakers in the pool world in our area like yourself. I truly believe this is a great opportunity for you and I promise you will be a part of a special movement that is undeniable. January we are making a push to go 5 days per week and we have already made a dent in the major competition in the area with new teams already committed for next session. Lets take back the pool scene and give more money back to the players in our area. 70-80% of the money comes back to the players in our league and that’s after fair compensation to the league operators, the BCA registration dues which gets players fargo rated and eligible for a Vegas trip (which is needed to compete against the apa) and BPL takes roughly 10-20%. Its a reasonable, genuine way to build a pool league. We all have full time day jobs, none of us expect to get rich off of this. Together we can create a better pool atmosphere in our area and take down the apa which has paid back 3% in cash and sends out just 1 out of 160 teams each year to vegas. That is unreasonable. I respect you Charlie and I know you’ve worked hard to build what you’ve been able to achieve so far. I promise your divisions will grow and you will have more opportunities with us. We could use your help and I know we can help you.